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  • Apple Releases iOS 7.1.2

    [NOTE: Multiple sources have confirmed that the Pangu untethered jailbreak works on iOS 7.1.2]

    On Monday, Apple dropped iOS 7.1.2 as an over-the-air update delivering a few small but still noteworthy fixes and improvements.

    According to details shared by Apple, today's update improves iBeacon connectivity and stability. It also fixes a bug with data transfer for some 3rd party accessories, including bar code scanners. Lastly, it corrects an issue with data protection class of Mail attachments.

    iOS 7.1.2 (build number 11D257) is a 30MB OTA update for iPad and a 32MB update for iPhone. Full download from iTunes clocks in at 1.4GB.

    Source: Apple
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    1. GrandMstrBud's Avatar
      GrandMstrBud -
      Pangu has worked with 7.1.2 this since the day Pangu came out
    1. wiipro's Avatar
      wiipro -
      Quote Originally Posted by GrandMstrBud View Post
      Pangu has worked with 7.1.2 this since the day Pangu came out
      So they better not release more of their exploits... If they already have this "code" for 7.1.2, then they better not release it unless it's patched in the iOS 8 Release.

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    1. TechAlex's Avatar
      TechAlex -
      All good here, 5S 16GB, iOS 7.1.2 and jailbroke. Pangu is my friend!
    1. exNavy's Avatar
      exNavy -
      Oh brother....
    1. bmwraw8482's Avatar
      bmwraw8482 -
      Any news on tweaks being compatible with pangu yet?

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    1. scroogelives's Avatar
      scroogelives -
      I don't know why everyone is saying exploits should be saved for ios8! I don't recall any quick jailbreaks after a iOS release! It's always months as they search for new exploits as apple closed the old ones often unused!

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    1. jackbauerctu's Avatar
      jackbauerctu -
      It's all a game. Apple purposely allows these "exploits" to occur in their code so that developers can create new features that Apple can implement in future iOS versions. This way apple can justify stealing them as their own because they don't officially support jailbroken devices and therefore had no idea these features may or may not have already existed. That's just my theory anyway.

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    1. BigJack077's Avatar
      BigJack077 -
      Has anyone used the jailbreak on an iPad Air wifi & cellular device? I did earlier and it worked until none of my apps would open except cydia. So I restored & haven't used the jailbreak again. Can anyone help with a solution or should I just give it another shot?

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    1. bbrks's Avatar
      bbrks -
      Well, since 7.1.2 is just out, I guess, until the next update, you have more than enough time to try several times....nothing to lose, right