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  • Apple Purportedly Updating Mapping Database Daily

    Apple's often-embattled native iOS mapping application has been subjected to no shortage of criticism since its controversial and largely unprepared arrival. Nonetheless, no one can say Apple isn't doing its utmost to fix its many shortcomings and bolster the app's overall performance and quality.

    Citing an informed source dishing details on Reddit, our friends at Apple Insider assert that Apple is even going to the trouble of updating its mapping database on a nightly basis. At least once in every 24-hour period, Apple refreshes, augments, or corrects mapping data in its database.

    "Over the past month, Maps were being updated once a week (every Friday) for me, but now, that has improved even further," the source explained. "Over the past few days, I've noticed an update occur every single day at 3 a.m. Eastern."

    For Apple, this new-found prompt attention to mapping updates represents a dramatic divergence from the past, when user complaints (regarding incorrect mapping info, etc.) would seemingly fall on deaf ears for extended periods of time before Apple righted the underlying wrong.

    Source: AppleInsider
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      The6uest -
      I have noticed some improvements and even found an address I was looking for which Apple located better than Google! It was a rural location which Apple's maps brought me to the right location but when I checked Google's maps it pointed to a place about 1/4 mile down the road.