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  • Costco Sells iPhone and iPads Online at Discounted Price

    Costco has once again started to sell certain Apple products after they stopped selling their merchandise over the decision to not let Costco carry the iPad. Although Costco is selling Apple products again, not all carriers, models, capacities, and colors are sold at Costco. All devices are available online except for T-Mobile versions, which arenít sold online at all. The AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint 16 GB iPhone 5s will only cost $77.99 at Costco, which saves consumers approximately $120. However, for T-Mobile users, the device will only be available at Ďselect wireless kiosks.í All carrier and color combinations are available, except for the T-Mobile gold iPhone. The blue AT&T iPhone 5c will only be available in the 16 GB, but for $99.99.

    As for tablets, Verizonís 16 GB iPad Mini will be available for $419.99 and Verizonís iPad Air will be available for $519.99. Similar to T-Mobileís iPhone scenario, the 16 GB T-Mobile versions of the iPad models can only be purchased at select Costco wireless kiosks. As of right now, iPad on the AT&T and Sprint networks are not yet available. Costco will also not be offering any higher-capacity device models at this time. The color choices of the iPad seem to be limited as well. As for the silver iPad Air, it will only be available on Verizon networks and others are only limited to space grey.

    Source: Costco
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