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  • Bjork Makes Groundbreaking 'Art' with iPad App

    Bjork - a singer known for her eccentric personal and professional styles - is breaking new ground as an artist today. As the L.A. Times put it best, Bjork is proving that pixels are as vital as paint.

    New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has tapped iPad art made by Bjork for entry into the museum. This marks the first time an app has entered the esteemed gallery of world-renowned artist creations.

    The app added to MoMA's permanent collection is Bjork's 2011 album "Biophilia." The album was actually launched as an app that played music and offered up an array of "radical visualizations of what you were hearing," the report explains.

    Although some have criticized Bjork for being "over the top" and a little "Kooky," Bjork is once again finding herself vindicated in her art, this time by affirmation from one of the globe's foremost authorities on art.

    "It's very special," says Paola Antonelli, a curator with the MoMA. "It was 2011. It had just been a year since the iPad had come out. Smartphones had been around for a long time, but the idea of a larger touch screen was quite revolutionary. There were many apps. Some were great. Some were less great. But 'Biophilia' was the first app that gave me the sense of the artistic possibilities: that visuals, music and touch could come together for a single experience."

    Source: L.A. Times
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