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  • iOS Kindle App Gets Audible Audio Book Integration and Whispersync for Voice

    Apple’s iPad and iPhone Kindle app, which is run by Amazon, has officially been updated to include integration with audio versions of titles when users buy through the Audible service and Whispersync cloud sync. The app for Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS now allows users to go back and forth between listening and reading without having to exit the app- as long as you own both the Audible and the Kindle version of the book.

    New e-books and Audible purchases made in-app do not work because Amazon would have to pay Apple 30% of all Kindle sales. But for those who purchase through Amazon’s website using a traditional web browser, upgrades for audio to Kindle books can be purchased for 99 cents and bestsellers start at $3.99. Users can also pick up where they left off now with a new update feature called “Whispersync for Voice.” According to Senior Vice President of Amazon Kindle, Russ Grandinetti,

    We're working hard to help customers find more moments each day to enjoy a great book. Integrating professional narration into our Kindle apps means you never have to put down a favorite book—start reading at home, get in the car and simply tap a button to continue listening without losing your place.
    Audible founder and CEO, Donald Katz has stated:

    We continue to hear from a growing number of Whispersync for Voice converts who tell us the innovation has profoundly changed the way they read—in fact, switching back and forth between reading and listening has become their preferred way of experiencing stories. And the feature has gotten easier and easier to use, as this exciting integration into Kindle apps attests.
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