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  • Apple Starts to Reject Apps that Offer Rewards for Video Views and Social Sharing

    The Cupertino California company appears to have changed the App Storeís approval criteria on the heels of its annual developer conference, beginning to issue rejections to apps that reward users for watching video advertisements or sharing info about the app on social media. One developerís rejection notice read the following:

    Specifically, we found your app incentivizes users to watch a video that promotes another app in the App Store. This excessively influences the App Store and it's [sic] listing order or ranking.
    Common to the surfaced rejections are section 2.25 and 3.10 of the App Storeís review guidelines. These sections prohibit promoting apps other than those from the same developer and doing anything to manipulate the App Store rankings, respectively. For those of you who didnít know section 2.25 was added earlier this year and has already been involved in one high-profile incident. Search and discovery app, AppGratis, was pulled from the App Store in April for violating the section, drawing angry reactions from several individuals including Franceís digital industry minister.

    As noted by the folks over at TechCrunch, both methods of promotion are widely used throughout the store and often play a critical role in the success of apps from both independent developers and large corporations like Electronic Arts. It isnít yet known what Apple intends to do with existing apps that violate these provisions, but the company may be planning a more wide-reaching purge.

    One of the developers was told the following regarding the matter:

    On occasion, there may be apps on the App Store that don't appear to be in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines. We work hard to ensure that the apps on the App Store are in compliance and we try to identify any apps currently on the App Store that may not be. It takes time to identify these occurrences but another app being out of compliance is not a reason for your app to be.
    Itís nice to see Apple keep strict rules for the apps on their App Store as it allows for a better customer experience.

    Source: TechCrunch
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