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  • New Content Lands on iTunes Radio

    Similar to the most memorable line from Field of Dreams, Apple's take on iTunes Radio appears to be: "If you build it, they will listen."

    In recent weeks, Apple has been busy building up its array of available content on the streaming music service. And, on Tuesday, the platform's offerings were augmented yet again.

    Freshly added to the mix are ESPN Radio - featuring round-the-clock sports content - and an assortment of NPR affiliate radio stations.

    Particularly worth noting is the launch of the National Public Radio stations. As MMi reported last month, there's heavy speculation surrounding Apple that the tech giant will soon begin pushing local advertising as a means to dramatically ramp up revenue from iTunes Radio. By all accounts, Apple appears profoundly interested in local content, as most recently illustrated by the addition of local NPR affiliates to the service's lineup.

    As of this writing, dozens of small and major market NPR stations are now available on iTunes Radio.

    Source: AppleInsider
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      Wrong movie. It's not the Natural
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      @sgtkickarse Thanks for catching that! My brain processed "The Natural" when I was looking for "Field of Dreams"
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      I can't figure out how to delete my post, so this is the best I can do
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      Wrong movie. It's not the Natural
      OOOOPS!!!!! Sorry sgtkickarse . . . . my bad. I didn't realize that you caught the error and Michael made the correction. I would delete my comment if I could figure out how to do it