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  • Developer Evan Swick Brings 'OS Experience' to iOS 6 iPad Users

    Last month, we showed you an incredible new jailbreak tweak for the iPad called OS Experience by iOS developer Evan Swick.

    This tweak ultimately brought desktop-class multitasking to iPads running iOS 7, allowing users to have applications open in separate windows, create different desktops, switch between applications easily, and even run applications side-by-side on the same display.

    Swick has just released OS Experience (iOS 6) with support for iPads running on iOS 6 with no way of upgrading to the newer iOS 7. It also serves the purpose of pleasing those with iPads that are capable of running iOS 7, but prefer not to upgrade to iOS 7 due to the fact that the user interface changes aren't in their taste.

    OS Experience gets some obvious inspiration from OS X's Mission Control, and even Windows 7's "Snap" feature. These are certainly features that iPad users can take advantage of due to the larger canvas space, as it makes for the more productive setting.

    It's worth mentioning that iOS 8 is expected to bring this feature to the iPad natively at some point during its release.

    If you would like to grab OS Experience (iOS 6) for your iPad, you'll find it in Cydia's BigBoss repository for $4.99 half of the price of the original OS Experience for iOS 7. It works on regular iPads, as well as the iPad Mini.

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