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  • CNN: Federighi is the 'New Steve Jobs'

    One of the most obvious takeaways from Apple's WWDC 2014 keynote on Monday is just how little time Tim Cook - or anyone else from Apple for that matter - actually spent on stage. By all accounts, Monday was the Craig Federighi show.

    Apple's popular and personable engineering chief has quickly emerged as the "handsome new public face" of Apple. In fact, this week CNN went as far as to call Federighi the new Steve Jobs, at least in terms of Federighi's ability to engage with an audience and present Apple's new products and services in a highly dynamic fashion.

    Federighi more than pulled his weight on stage Monday at WWDC (Federighi even said in jest that Cook is putting him through "some kind of endurance training") and we can expect the trend to continue at future Apple events and media presentations where he is both a hit with developers and press.

    While Tim Cook "appears reserved on stage, and other Apple executives have failed to resonate," Federighi's style is described by CNN as "a breath of fresh air for Apple." And, for that reason among many others, he will likely continue to be the go-to guy when the time comes to show off what's next for Apple.

    Source: CNN
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    1. alirz's Avatar
      alirz -
      yes i have to agree that his presentation was engaging and not boring at all.
    1. gldoorii's Avatar
      gldoorii -
      Agreed. He made it pretty enjoyable to watch.
    1. severe's Avatar
      severe -
      I think Federighi did fine, but I see no similarity between him and Jobs. Was this CNN ‘Breaking News’, btw?
    1. ECUpirate44's Avatar
      ECUpirate44 -
      He's the next "transformational speaker," not the next Steve Jobs.
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      Engineer and CEO are titles that are worlds apart. I feel they are saying his charm and candor are worlds apart from Tim Cook. Not that he is the next Jobs. They had to throw Steve in there some how some way :]
    1. Zokunei's Avatar
      Zokunei -
      The difference is that I laugh at him because he's trying to put on that persona, whereas I would laugh at Jobs because he's really a funny guy. He certainly makes the two-hour keynote bearable, but I think everyone prefers Jobs. Craig actually takes on more of the role of Scott Forstall, even though Scott was also more real in how he made me laugh.
    1. Answer1o1's Avatar
      Answer1o1 -
      He's a great person that brings lots of energy. But there will never be another Steve jobs. Just like there will never be another Michael Jordan.
    1. Silverado1987's Avatar
      Silverado1987 -
      i agree with everyone else. he's not a steve jobs. he's a great speaker thats all.
    1. NSXrebel's Avatar
      NSXrebel -
      I concur
    1. holyshnikes's Avatar
      holyshnikes -
      Tim Cook just isn't a great public speaker. He has been that way since he started taking the stage. Phil Schiller is pretty good though. I wonder why he didn't present anything?
    1. SupaMonkey's Avatar
      SupaMonkey -
      Definitely - you can just tell straight away that the crowd reacts with him and nobody else. I do hope though they manage to get someone else to also engage the crowd a bit so that he doesnt have to do all the work!