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  • Future Possible OSX 10.10 Names Discovered in Trademark Filings

    Trinidad and Tobago, a popular place Apple secretly files future naming assets, trademark filings were discovered. It shows Apple’s next OS X 10.10 operating system may be titled OS X Sequoia, OS X Sonoma, OS X Mojave, and IS X Ventura. However, a WWDC banner highlighting the famous El Capitan monolith, suggests ‘OS X Yosemite’.

    It seems that the trademarks were officially filed with Trinidad and Tobago’s Intellectual Property Office on March 11th, and the suggested names are all well-known cities or geographic features in California. However, Apple was not mentioned exclusively in the official document spotted by MacRumors, though it is assumed the company is behind the filings. What’s interesting though, two names- Sonoma and Ventura are not geographic regions or an attraction like Mavericks. Apple may be moving to city-based naming like other tech companies.

    A picture released by The Verge (above) shows a banner at Apple’s WWDC which appears to have a cloud-topped view of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley. Although with El Capitan featured so prominently, Apple may be going with ‘OS X 10.10 Yosemite’.

    Source: MacRumors, The Verge
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    1. tdawg3000's Avatar
      tdawg3000 -
      Personally, I'm not very fond of any of those suggestions...
    1. fleurya's Avatar
      fleurya -
      Meh, don't care about the names anyway.
    1. Silverado1987's Avatar
      Silverado1987 -
      well thats kinda cool and being someone from california thats pretty neat
    1. Carvensno's Avatar
      Carvensno -
      I said "OSX 10.10 El Capitan" yesterday on the other thread. Maybe got kinda close on guessing a name LOL :P