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  • Apple to Reportedly Pay ISPs for Direct Network Connections

    Apple appears to be moving forward on plans to develop its own content delivery network according to well-known CDN and Internet Services analyst Dan Rayburn. The Cupertino California company is reportedly negotiating deals with Internet Service Providers in order to ensure the efficient delivery of content to its customers.

    The Cupertino California company may control the media for iTunes and iCloud customers but it currently outsources the delivery of this media to third-party companies like Akamai, ceding control over the quality of service to these other companies. Apple reportedly has been working for five years on its own CDN that would bring content delivery in the house, ensuring its customers can access data reliably and quickly regardless of ISP or geographic location.

    Apple has been deploying the network hardware necessary and recently started forging interconnection deals with Internet Service Providers as it prepares to shift content to its own CDN soon according to Rayburn. The following was mentioned regarding the matter:

    Apple has been very busy with their build out deploying a lot of boxes running Apache Traffic Server and buying a ton of transit, co-location, wavelengths and other infrastructure services. Their CDN is quickly growing, and it wonít be long before we start seeing a portion of their content getting delivered from their new CDN.

    As part of their build out, Apple is currently negotiating paid interconnection deals with some of the largest ISPs in the U.S. Iím not going to disclose which ISPs they are talking to and what deals they have already done, but itís interesting to note that with all the talk lately of net neutrality, peering and interconnect relationships, Apple isnít out in the market making any complaints.
    Although there are several concerns about net neutrality, these priority access deals are becoming common among big companies such as Netflix, Microsoft and Google, which move large volumes of data across the internet.

    Source: Dreaming Media via Ars Technica
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    1. ads1230's Avatar
      ads1230 -
      I've found in the UK that the iTunes and App Stores are amazingly slow. One way around it is to use a different DNS but its annoying and I don't like it. This is much welcomed!
    1. JollyRogger's Avatar
      JollyRogger -
      Well Apple don't need all this potential bandwidth capacity for a watch do they.......

      Apple TV (not the hockey puck) anybody ????