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  • Morgan Stanley Expects NFC for Future iPhone

    It's a headline we first saw on the tech blogosphere almost five years ago. We've seen it every year since. But we're still yet to see what the rumor has been promising - NFC technology on Apple's iPhone.

    But is the rumor finally about to become reality? Morgan Stanley analysts Craig Hettenbach, Joseph Moore, Katy Huberty, Smittipon Srethapramote, and Betsy Graseck seem to think so.

    The prominent analysts issued a group report indicating that the mobile payments market is growing so big - so fast - that Apple has almost no choice but to dive in sooner rather than later.

    The authors think it reasonable to assume Apple is going to soon introduce NFC in its mobile devices, after the technology has been on Google (GOOG) Android-based devices for some years, writing “Historically, Apple tends to adopt new technologies after initial growing pains are worked out, and as they are about to reach an inflection point in adoption.”
    "Mobile payments is a major opportunity for Apple to improve user experiences and potentially add a new revenue stream," says Huberty. "The company has historically been very good at integrating hardware and software, and we believe it can further differentiate itself and increase/preserve the value of its devices by adding services. Mobile payments can help Apple collect more data on consumers in order to create more relevant and useful recommendations and advertisements, and create additional revenue opportunities for developers and other partners, especially brick-and-mortar retail."

    Unfortunately for NFC advocates, we're hearing very little from Apple's supply and manufacturing partners to suggest that NFC is coming to Apple's iPhone 6 due out later this summer.

    Soon enough, however, Apple will be compelled to take mobile payments more seriously, especially as cash continues to become an ancient relic of human existence.

    “Over the last few decades,” a post from trusted mobile payments company PayAnywhere reads, “cash has gradually fallen out of favor amongst consumers at large. Currently, two-thirds of the public prefer to make payments via credit and debit cards. In the near future, another form of payment is set to further squeeze cash right out of the loop.”

    Source: Barron's
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    1. Carvensno's Avatar
      Carvensno -
      I really don't know what the big deal is about NFC? I have seen the pay terminals in some stores, but yet have never seen anyone ever use them to pay for stuff. I even have a friends with android phones that don't use the NFC a lot. I have asked them and they have use NFC a couple of times, but that's it.

      Myself personally? I don't see the need for it, when I can just as easily take out my wallet and use my bank/visa card. JMOT
    1. thazsar's Avatar
      thazsar -
      Honestly, Apple might be holding out for EMV. Supposedly, (and I'm only going off what I've read) most of Europe is or has already transitioned to this instead of NFC. It also sounds like it's just a matter of time before this becomes worldwide. So, maybe that's why they never jumped on board.