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  • iTunes 11.2.1 Released By Apple To Fix /Users Bug in OS X 10.9.3

    Apple recently released a minor version update to the iTunes content management software for Macs, bringing the app to version 11.2.1. The update brings a fix for the bug that was discovered recently in OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 that hides the “/Users” folder. Version 11.2.1 of iTunes has the same release notes as iTunes version 11.2, which was only released recently as well, along with the OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 maintenance update.

    Users were complaining that their ‘/Users’ folder had disappeared in the release of OS X 10.9.3. The issue could have been resolved with Terminal command “sudo chflags nohidden/Users” or the following less permanent fix:

    • Open a Finder window and select the "Go" menu, then choose "Go to Folder"
    • Once the dialog appears, type "/Users" (without quotes) and click the "Go" button
    • Control-click on the "/Users" folder and select "Make Alias"
    The new iTunes 11.2.1 release seems to have patched the bug for users who had this problem. You can download the latest iTunes version for free using Software Update. The update automatically modifies the sudocommand since no restart is necessary.

    Source: Mac Software Update
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    1. glgbnaf's Avatar
      glgbnaf -
      Saw no difference in that but the 10.9.3 was a great update
    1. a95970's Avatar
      a95970 -
      Why do apple make it so difficult to like them? I just downgraded back to the last version as my podcasts were all screwed up after this.
      every update to itunes removes some useful feature and adds more useless features. I really wish they just fix the bugs and stop adding stupid features
    1. ProfessorJack's Avatar
      ProfessorJack -
      Ye I agree with the above
      They have removed the right click convert to mp3
      To start to make a ring tone shorten it down to under 30secs
      I've fixed the right click in any folder that hole right click pain
      Now works when you set to none and more