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  • Android Smartphone Web Use Loses Out to Apple's iPhone

    Chitika provided web traffic report for Apple recently and noted that Apple’s iPhone has a 53.1% majority of all smartphone web traffic and Android devices combined account for 44.5%. Apple has delivered its report in a press release that focused on the tiny usage share occupied by Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Blackberry. It was noted by Chitika that

    iOS and Android smartphones continue to generate the two largest aggregate usage totals by a considerable margin.
    Apple iOS is actually ahead of all Android vendors with an 8.6 percentage point- this lead is more than 4.7 times the actual representation of the story.

    The company’s lead over Android is 43 times larger than the slight edge Windows Mobile has over Blackberry. It was concluded by Apple that

    while Microsoft has worked hard to make Windows Phone a competitive third mobile OS from a functionality standpoint, the operating system's flat rate of growth over the past several months makes it likely that Apple and Google's offerings will remain the frontrunners stateside for the foreseeable future.

    Source: Chitika
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    1. glgbnaf's Avatar
      glgbnaf -
      I'm a iPhone 5s owner and I'm not sure on this?? I use a HTC ONE M8 also, I like both iOS and OS and I see more android devices out there nothing against apple but my HTC is more reliable for a work device as a realtor you have more options on your device, unlike apple I like the fact better battery life but I use more data on my HTC than iPhone simply the HTC runs faster!! I think it's a matter of preference to whom likes iOS or OS better, to bad you can't use both all in one apple and android have great features but iPhone is 100% user friendly compared to my HTC M8 the HTC is my first OS android device and I really like it but I admit a bit more difficult to use I guess it's like a new car ya got to get used to it lol all said they are both great devices!!! But apple has way more resale value wen you trade or sell them!! So apple has the more thumbs up but needs a bigger screen and a faster ram 2-3 gb