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  • Clarification: Intel Owns Thunderbolt Trademark, Not Apple

    The confusing non-confrontational custody battle over who owns Thunderbolt trademark between Apple, and Intel has reached a conclusion.

    Rights to the trademark Thunderbolt, the new I/O technology co-developed by Intel and Apple, were originally filed by Apple. However, these rights are in the process of being transferred to Intel.

    "As part of our collaboration with Apple, they did some of the initial trademark filings. Intel has full rights to the Thunderbolt trademark now and into the future. The Thunderbolt name will be used going forward on all platforms, irrespective of operating system."- Intel Senior Communications Manager Dave Salvator
    Apple's help during the process of developing Thunderbolt/Lightpeak started in 2009 when they urged Intel to modify the optical nature of the Lightpeak technology to push 10 watts of power as well, thereby changing it from optical cable to copper based. It's odd that their contributions included these trademark filings as well.

    Intel is still hard at work trying to implement the optical cable technology they originally planned for Thunderbolt/Lightpeak.

    "The (Thunderbolt optical) cable could carry power in the same cable (running next to optical part of cable), but exact product plans are still to be announced."- Salvator
    Please let them figure this out and implement it very soon. The original proposed transfer speeds of the optical version of Thunderbolt/Lightpeak were 100Gbps, 10 times faster than its current copper-based iteration. Say goodbye to all other I/O's if/when that happens.

    Source: Bright Side of News
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