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  • New Autodesk App For Mac and iOS Allows Revision Of All 3D File Types

    Autodesk launched FBX Review for Apple Mac OS X and iOS 7 recently. The standalone app is free and gives professional artists and animators a lightweight and powerful tool to make detailed reviews of a variety of 3D assets. These assets include character animations, 3D models and environments.

    Artists on Apple and Windows platforms can use FBX Review with a full feature set to view 3D assets without using commercial 3D animation softwares. Anyone with FBX Review installed can receive animation files from artists working in Autodesk 3ds Max. The recipient will also have access to a full menu of features to view those assets.

    Apple platform new features include:

    Support for ZIP files: makes asset review easier by supporting ZIP files containing both geometry and texture files. When opening the ZIP fileFBX Review automatically assigns the textures, helping to streamline the review process by eliminating the need to bake textures.
    Geometry cache support: supports geometry cache playback, including Maya cache, 3ds Max cache, and the Alembic cache format. Geometry cache support is available only on desktop versions of FBX Review.
    Re-focus perspective camera: FX Review now supports changing the focus of the perspective camera by double tapping (mobile) or double-clicking (desktop) on the desired area of focus.
    FBX Review for iOS can be found on http://autode.sk/1qzHAFX and Mac OS X from http://autode.sk/1spZtmp

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