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  • Apple Makes Large Contribution to Anti-Poverty Effort

    Often criticized for falling short of the humanitarian objectives pursued by competing tech giants, Apple has been in a charitable mood of late, according to details gleaned from sources close to a Silicon Valley anti-poverty group.

    On Monday, news broke that Apple - along with corporate heavyweights like Google and LinkedIn - is doing its part to curb the national epidemic of poverty (but focusing on San Francisco, California).

    "We'll win some people over, and some we won't, but it won't stop us from continuing to push," says Daniel Lurie, CEO of Tipping Point, an anti-poverty-focused nonprofit behind SF Gives. CNN reports that the SF Gives initiative has aimed to raise $10 million from businesses, a large chunk of which just came from Apple.

    Apple has donated $500,000 to the anti-poverty group. According to SF Gives, the goal was to have 20 businesses contribute $500,000 each to fund "local charitable programs." No word on how close the group is to reaching its fundraising goal of $10 million by Wednesday, but we are told that several large companies have opted to not participate in the effort for a variety of reasons, including the philosophy that individuals and not companies are responsible for philanthropy.

    Source: CNN
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      buggsy2 -
      All smoke and mirrors. The best thing they could do would be increase the wage of their lowest paid employees but that would cost real money.