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  • Apple's iTunes Match Arrives in Japan

    Apple’s iTunes Match has finally hit the shores of Japan after almost a two and a half year wait. iTunes Match brings cloud-based library matching to where users can purchase music through iTunes but not have to sign up for the service. According to the iTunes availability webpage, Apple has iTunes Match operating in 116 countries with the latest expansion of services.

    Similar to its U.S. counterpart, Japan’s iTunes Match lets users match songs in their music library, including media from CDs among other sources. Up to 25,000 tracks can be stored in iCloud and more, if songs are purchased through iTunes. Users can access them from any connected device.

    Although the iTunes Match subscription in the US go for $24.99 per year, international users have to pay premium price to access the service. Japan is no exception and currently has to pay 3,980 yen, which equates to about $39. iTunes Match was last expanded in December in Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

    Source: Apple
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      More importantly, when will U.K. users get iTunes Radio??