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  • Facebook's Paper App Updated With 'New Story' Button, Notifications, and Much More

    Facebook recently released an update to Paper, its newsreader style alternative, by adding many new features that make the app more in line with the company’s flagship iOS title. Paper version 1.1 is the first significant update since the app was first released back in January. Facebook has added a ‘notifications globe’ icon, when tapped, shows dates for upcoming birthdays and events. The new update also lets users add inline photos to comments while group updates are somewhat buried in the sub menus but still accessible in the app. In order to get the list of posts favorited by groups, users have to navigate to the Main Menu and hit more options in order to see the appropriate group.

    Paper (iTunes Download Link)

    Paper now has story buttons that show up during fullscreen viewing in all the sections. Users can gain quick access to the latest stories by tapping an arrow-shaped button when a new update is added to a specific section. Nine new news sources have been added to Facebook’s list of section, including but not limited to Mashable, Bloomberg News, The Hollywood Reporter and Hacker News. The overall experience of the app has become smoother and more consistent after the recent update.

    Paper for iOS is a free, 58.8MB app that is available for download via the App Store.

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    1. Selfmadexpert's Avatar
      Selfmadexpert -
      Still no timeline review?
    1. scroogelives's Avatar
      scroogelives -
      Take it's not avail in the uk?
    1. Christophxr's Avatar
      Christophxr -
      The existence of Facebook Paper just depresses me...
    1. pioneer88's Avatar
      pioneer88 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Christophxr View Post
      The existence of Facebook Paper just depresses me...
      Why? It's a decent app.
    1. digzz's Avatar
      digzz -
      How come this ain't in the UK ?
    1. Natty12's Avatar
      Natty12 -
      This isnt in uk appstore
    1. Steiganator's Avatar
      Steiganator -
      Does the update patch the fantastic jailbreak tweak "message box (for iOS 7)"? that is the most important question about this update. setting chat heads free to the springboard and everywhere else will always be better than anything new Facebook has to offer inside the app.