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  • Apple Lawyers Conclude Their Side of the Argument in Latest Apple vs. Samsung Trial

    The initial phase of the Apple vs. Samsung case has closed after five days of court proceedings, with Apple lawyers concluding their side of the argument. Chris Velturo, was the last on the stand for Apple, who explained the reason behind Samsung’s alleged patent infringement that cost Apple approximately $2.2 billion in damages.

    Re/Codereported that Samsung attorney John Quinn, questioned Velturo for more than an hour, arguing that the Samsung’s rise to success had nothing to do with Apple’s patents. The Verge also noted that Velturo’s royalty figures had a range of $1.61-$15.03 per feature, per device. With the two combined, damages resulted in $40.10 per Samsung tablet and phone sold in the United States. A total of five patents are being declared by Apple in the case against Samsung, with one feature, being the controversial “slide-to-unlock.”

    Samsung will now be bringing its own expert witnesses to try and prove that the company’s success is from features not found in Apple devices. Samsung is also looking to argue that the five patents Apple is declaring is insignificant and should not have even been approved by the U.S. Parent and Trademark Office.

    Apple’s lawyer Bill Lee said,

    You will not hear about one patent from one Samsung engineer, they purchased them because they want you to believe that patents don't have much value. They want you to believe that patents aren't worth much.
    According to Quinn,

    This case is not about these five minor software features. It's not about them causing people not to by iPhones and instead samsung phones. This is really about Apple versus Google/Android."
    Source: The Verge, Re/Code
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