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  • Dropbox Unveils Mailbox for Mac and Carousel Photo App

    The popular file synchronization service, Dropbox, recently unveiled two new updates for the Apple ecosystem Wednesday, announcing that it would bring its Mailbox email app from iOS to the Mac and show off a new multimedia gallery app dubbed Carousel.

    Mailbox for the Mac will be sporting a traditional 3-column layout with a minimalist design that matches up with its iOS counterpart. Users will be able to control the app with gestures using the built-in trackpad on Apple’s laptops or on the desktop with the Magic Trackpad according to TechCrunch.

    Also finding its way in the update is a new “auto swipe” feature that learns which emails users regularly delete and automatically archives them in the future. The updates will mark the first major change to Mailbox since Dropbox acquired the company last year for what sources have mentioned was between $50 million and $100 million. Those of you interested in trying it can sign up for beta access to Mailbox for Mac at Mailbox’s website. There isn’t any word on when a new version of Mailbox for iOS will hit the App Store with the updated auto swipe functionality.

    The other major update was Carousel, which will now store “every photo and video you’ve ever taken’ and access them through dedicated apps for iOS and Android. Each file will be backed up to Dropbox automatically as well. This particular app organizes files in a manner similar to Apple’s iOS 7 photos app, allowing users to scrub through their library chronologically. Users can also share media with any other person using either a phone number or email address, with the recipient not being required to have a Dropbox account.

    Carousel s said to be available as a free download from the App Store later today.

    Source: Dropbox via TechCrunch
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