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  • Pandora Particularly Hot on Apple Devices

    A surprising revelation emerged this week from a ruling by U.S. District Judge Denise Cote in a case pertaining to a royalty dispute between Pandora and the record industry.

    As it turns out, Apple device owners are particularly fond of the streaming music platform. Among all mobile operating systems and today's top mobile devices, a large percentage of Pandora subscribers listen to their tunes on Apple products.

    According to published reports Thursday, approximately 40% of the Internet radio service's subscribers now tune in via their Apple device - iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Still, it was revealed that Pandora now views iTunes Radio as a major competitor given the close relationship Pandora listeners already have with the iOS ecosystem.

    This detail, of course, was largely lost in the shuffle of the bigger story. Pandora must pay 1.85 percent of revenue to a group that represents songwriters and music publishers for licensing works from 2011 to 2015. Judge Cote effectively rejected the company’s request for a lower rate.

    “According to Pandora, the 1.85 percent rate is the upper bound of a range of reasonable rates for Pandora,” Cote said, adding that the company’s “concession makes further discussion unnecessary.”

    Sources: Bloomberg, AppleInsider
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    1. XweAponX's Avatar
      XweAponX -
      Screw the RIAA, they keep that percentage themselves, artists don't see much of it. "mp3 bad, beer good" - Lars Ulrich
    1. mlee19841's Avatar
      mlee19841 -
      Pandora skip is particularly hot as well.
    1. cwglideman's Avatar
      cwglideman -
      Pandora Downloader is even hotter.