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  • Apple's iPhones are Less Likely to Need Replacement but Much More Likely to be Stolen

    Device insurance firm, ProtectCell, has recently compiled figures that indicate owners of Apple iPhones undergo less broken screens and other device issues regarding replacements. However, iPhone owners are much more likely to have their devices stolen compared to other device owners.

    The insurance firm has sold over two million insurance policies that cover a variety of devices ranging from phones to tablets. They have stated that iPhone users are 54% less likely to replace their devices for any reason. In regards to screen breakage or screen damage, iPhone owners are 11% less likely to report broken devices and ask for repairs compared to other smartphone users.

    ProtectCell’s insurance policy covers liquid damages, power surge melt downs, screen damages, mechanical failures and even stolen devices or device disappearances. Speaking of stolen devices, compared to other smartphones, iPhones are in the lead with a 65% greater chance of their devices going missing.

    Due to the high risk of getting their products stolen, Apple has introduced Activation Lock, which is a new free feature on iOS 7. The new feature locks device activation to a users ID making sure that thieves cannot resell any iOS device protected with a passcode.

    Google’s Android phones and Microsoft’s Windows phones have yet to incorporate a similar feature for blocking reactivation of stolen devices. However, users with these devices do not have to worry because currently, they lack potential for easy resale on those devices.

    Source: ProtectCell (Press Release) via The Wall Street Journal
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