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  • Geohot's Legal Team Takes Aim at Sony

    Embattled hacker George "Geohot" Hotz isn't going down without a fight in his epic jailbreaking legal battle with Sony. Dragged into a courtroom showdown over his PS3 jailbreaking exploits, Geohot has been subjected to some serious full court pressure by Sony Computer Entertainment America, which is actively seeking to have the case heard in California, conveniently located just outside the company's sprawling headquarters.

    Geohot's lawyer, Stewart Kellar, has finally stepped up to the plate publicly by blasting Sony for demanding that the case be heard in California. Not only would it be "a hardship for Hotz to travel there," it would "set a precedent for companies being able to sue anyone, anywhere, on relatively flimsy grounds," the International Business Times reports.

    Kellar, however, went much further than to just criticize the PS3 maker for trying to relocate Geohot for court. Kellar also says SCEA "isn't even a subsidiary of Sony Japan (the actual producer of the PlayStation 3) and the "entity that should be suing." In addition to arguing why SCEA shouldn't be upset with Geohot, Kellar is seemingly asserting that SCEA doesn't have much to do with this matter, at least in the sense that everything in the PlayStation's "system, software and packaging all point to Sony Japan as the producer."

    The latest efforts by Geohot's legal team represent some degree of good news of the infamous hacker, who last week was accused of "fleeing the country," presumably to evade authorities, critics contended. But Geohot has since rebuffed those mainstream media reports, noting that his vacation was in the works for months and that he was in touch with his lawyers
    for the duration of the trip.

    Source: International Business Times
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