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  • Developers Protest Candy Crush Saga Maker's "Candy" Trademark

    Independent game developers are fighting back against Candy Crush Saga developer King’s attempt to prevent other companies from using the words “candy” or “saga” in any game-related context by releasing a slew of candy-themed games. The independent game distributor itch.io organized the event, called Candy Jam, as a sort of peaceful protest against King following news that the company was asserting trademarks covering the words “candy” and “saga” against smaller developers. The hackathon was created since the group believes “trademarking common words is ridiculous.”

    Organizers seem to be calling on smaller developers to create and release candy-themed games between now and February 3. Developers are being asked to “make a game involving candies” and to “consider using the word ‘candy’ several times.”

    King purchased the trademark for the word “candy” in Europe from a now-defunct company and had filed an application to duplicate that trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The company already owns trademarks for “saga.” Following those transactions, King began sending cease-and-desist letters to developers using those words in their games. Among the recipients was Stoic, makers of Banner Saga, which is a popular viking-themed role-playing game, who had applied for a trademark of their own.

    A firestorm of publicity accompanied the letters and King representatives attempted to simmer the anger down by posting an open letter to the community regarding intellectual property. The letter read the following:

    At its simplest, our policy is to protect our IP and to also respect the IP of others.
    It went on to compare the "candy" trademarks to those of more famous companies like Time Magazine, Sun Microsystems, and even Apple.

    We’ll have to see what comes of the whole ordeal.

    Source: Candy Jam, King
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    1. Feanor64's Avatar
      Feanor64 -
      Crazy man just crazy getting tired of people trademarking everyday words. Gotta draw a line somewhere.
    1. nudge2232's Avatar
      nudge2232 -
      Companies likes King and Zynga are just out of control. They make clone games of previously successful IP's and jam in-app purchases down peoples throats. The fact that they are petty enough to try to trademark common words in the english language doesn't surprise me. It's just wrong that they're being allowed to continue.
    1. hybirdd's Avatar
      hybirdd -
      Let's trademark the word "trademark"
    1. Carvensno's Avatar
      Carvensno -
      Just wait until the big candy makers (Hershey's, Mars and etc...) want to make a app with the word candy in it. Their bigger and have more money and put this to bed in the court system. I agree though that it's to common of a word.
    1. Rcworship's Avatar
      Rcworship -
      Quote Originally Posted by hybirdd View Post
      Let's trademark the word "trademark"
      Uh, you can't use that...
    1. Silverado1987's Avatar
      Silverado1987 -
      Wow. Kinda childish don't ya think. They already have enough money what more do they want?......(more money &#128530
    1. kalpesh78's Avatar
      kalpesh78 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Feanor64 View Post
      Crazy man just crazy getting tired of people trademarking everyday words. Gotta draw a line somewhere.
      I'd like to trademark "a" and "the". vocab will never be the same again.
    1. zeppy's Avatar
      zeppy -
      The right Judge will rule against these trademark trolls when litigation finally makes it through the courts.