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  • iPhone Engagement Could Be Off The Charts During Super Bowl

    For this weekend's presentation of Super Bowl XLVIII, smartphones will be just as essential to enjoying the big game as chips, dip, good friends, and a big screen television.

    As a result, some analysts are expecting record iPhone (and Android) engagement for a nationally televised sporting or entertainment event.

    According to a comprehensive new IAB survey conducted online by Harris Interactive in January, 74 percent of American adults said they are planning to watch the Super Bowl this year. In 2012, 43 percent of Americans planning to watch the Super Bowl owned a smartphone. In 2014, that number has grown to 61 percent.

    This strong usage trend was reflected on the Millennial Media platform during the 2013 game, as total mobile traffic on their platform on Super Bowl Sunday was 10 percent above average. In fact, Millennial also saw that mobile traffic in Sports apps was 54 percent higher than the platform average, and traffic in Social apps was 7 percent higher.
    Consequently, analysts believe smartphone owners will be clutching their mobile devices from start to finish during Sunday's big game.

    “The IAB survey this year found that 57 percent of smartphone owners with plans to watch the game expected they would use their phones during the game,” the report reads. Smartphone activities most likely to be performed during the game include:

    • 36 percent of the smartphone-owning game-intenders said they’d use their smartphone to text, email, and/or instant message with friends (the most-cited activity)
    • 21 percent said they’d be posting to social media
    • 16 percent said they expected they’d call friends and family to talk about the games.
    • Multitasking is also important. 20 percent said they’d be checking non-Super Bowl-related news and information.
    • Ads are important too: 14 percent expected to look up information about ads or products advertised during the game.

    Source: IAB
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      spectrum -
      I'll be watching the game with do not disturb on.
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      Magnum -
      Uummmmm, duh?
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      RICO_ -
      Thank you Captain Obvious. It's called Mobile Application Social Networking sites.
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      Why is this news? Sorry