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  • Dropbox Experiences Outage, Refutes the Claims of Leaked User Data

    The popular cloud storage service, Dropbox, went down last night for at least two hours due to what the company claimed was an issue pertaining to internal maintenance, though one hacker group alleges to have caused the outage with a DDoS attack. Shortly after users reported the outage at around 6:00pm PST, a hacker group identifying themselves as The 1775 Sec tweeted that it had successfully compromised the Dropbox database. The post also linked to a supposed cache of user data uploaded to Pastebin.

    During its downtime, Dropbox users attempting to access the service through its web portal were automatically directed to a system status page that displayed an image stating the service is experiencing issues. Shortly after, the webpage changed to reflect that “Dropbox is under maintenance” and attempts to log in were met with an Error (500) message.

    The company maintained that the leaked data claim was a hoax, a fact later confirmed by subsequent tweets from The 1775 Sec. The supposed hacker group later said it had used bots to carry out a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) in honor of Internet prodigy and political activist, Aaron Swartz, who committed suicide on January 11, 2013. At the time of his death, Swartz was facing charges for allegedly stealing over 1,000 academic journals from JSTOR through a Massachusetts Institute of Technology network. He supposedly planned to make the documents freely available to the public.

    Dropbox later announced the service was back online and once again refuted the claims of leaked user data. An identical message was posted to Twitter at around the same time (8:30 PM Pacific).

    With all the security issues in just under two weeks, many feel uncomfortable with the state of security in online services and apps. Have any of the events changed your mind?

    Source: Dropbox (Twitter)
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    1. bisayakid07's Avatar
      bisayakid07 -
      That's why I'm using mycloud. And it's FREE!
    1. c1972798's Avatar
      c1972798 -
      I doubt dropbox will be hacked from the outside. It'll be an inside job if it is ever hacked.
      I have more trust in something like dropbox than I ever had in anything Apple.
      The reason why you think Apple is so secure is because they hide the fact and dont tell you about anything.
    1. Christophxr's Avatar
      Christophxr -
      Whether or not they got hacked, this is why I use Viivo (encryption) on top of Dropbox. There's still the chance that they may get hacked. I mean, they really ought to encrypt it on their servers themselves (still eludes me as to why they don't).
    1. NewD's Avatar
      NewD -
      Does this explain why iFile will no longer link to my DropBox acct. even after they came back up?