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  • Apple's iPad Surprises in Japan

    Fewer than twenty-four months ago, the headlines - including those on MMi - painted a relatively dismal portrait of Apple's sales prospects in Japan. Despite Apple's longstanding support among the Japanese people and the powerful brand respect it enjoys across the nation, Apple's iPhones and iPads weren't big sellers.

    But that has since changed in dramatic fashion. Earlier this fall, sales of Apple's new iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s skyrocketed upon the devices' entry into the Japanese market. But the iPad hasn't been any less impressive. In fact, the latest monthly rankings published by Japan's BCN indicate that the iPad Air and iPad mini are the hottest-selling tablets in Japan today.

    Not withstanding immense competition from Android tablets, which largely dominate the Asian mobile marketplace, the 16GB iPad Air was Japan's best selling tablet for November. In second place? The 16GB iPad mini.

    Among non-iOS devices, the Nexus 7 is the only serious contender to the iPad crown in Japan today, but it doesn't appear that Apple has anything to be even remotely worried about today.

    Source: BCN via Apple Insider
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    1. kalpesh78's Avatar
      kalpesh78 -
      japanese ppl are smart.
    1. karenfisher252's Avatar
      karenfisher252 -
      China and Japan are the two frontiers where apple is striving really hard to get a strong foothold.