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  • iPad Expected to Follow iPhone at China Mobile

    With every passing hour it seems another headline related to Apple's relationship with China Mobile turn up.

    But the latest is incredibly important for both Apple investors and market watchers eager to see how the global tablet landscape will evolve in 2014.

    According to the latest chatter and speculation swirling around Apple's grand unveiling of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5s to some 700 million China Mobile subscribers, it appears that the iPad will also be available through the world's largest mobile carrier very, very soon.

    However, due to the unique production burdens incumbent upon Apple to release a China Mobile-compatible iPad, it's unlikely that the tablet will arrive at the same time as Apple's iPhone. A delay between the two product launches, though, shouldn't be protracted.

    “Apple now has the opportunity to tap into the largest carrier in the world, and we believe the potential for a larger-sized iPhone next year will provide Apple with an incremental growth opportunity, accelerating sales growth in Greater China,” Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets told investors today.

    Source: Forbes
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    1. karenfisher252's Avatar
      karenfisher252 -
      If Apple is able to penetrate China with its iPad then their sales are gonna hit the skyline. Even in the past few years, tablet users in China has increased exponentially.
    1. tongxinshe's Avatar
      tongxinshe -
      Don’t put too much belief in the official launch of iPhone/iPad via China Mobile, it is not a subsidizing carrier, so its influence needs to be downgraded by at least a ratio of 10, so it would at most be something similar to adding another Sprint (US).