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  • NBA's Portland Trail Blazers Found Using Apple's iPad to Improve Their Game

    In their recent victory over the New York Knicks, the Portland Trail Blazers were seen using iPads on the bench to study in-game footage, which players said helped carry to the team to its eleventh consecutive win. Based on a report from Blazerís Edge, multiple players on the team seem to be spending their bench time reviewing game tape on Appleís iPad as they look to get an advantage on their opponents.

    According to the publication Damian Lillard, Wesley Matthews, Nicolas Batum and LaMarcus Aldridge all use iPads during games to study film and make quick adjustments. Matthews had the following to say regarding the matter:

    It does [help] because you get to see it [again], and in the game everything happens so fast. You ask yourself, 'Did I rush it? I felt like I rushed it.' [The video can tell me] when I'm in that same situation ó off a flare screen, when Nic [Batum] passes over the top ó [if] I have more time to get the shot off or [if] I have to shoot it at that speed again. Or, could I have driven it?
    Matthews continued by saying that the iPad gives him the opportunity to study both aspects of his game. On offense, the shooting guard looks at his form and whether there were options he didnít see on the court. On defense, he notes his stance and positioning on opponents and how players get in scores.

    As of right now, itís unclear what app the Blazers are using to review footage but the system is apparently near real-time. Starting players can watch clips from their first rotation by the time they hit the bench, which helps shave minutes off adjustments normally made during halftime. Furthermore, players are also using Appleís tablet to review footage post-game, where a more thorough analysis can be rendered and put into action in their next game.

    Itís interesting to see the different ways Appleís iPad is being used.

    Source: Blazerís Edge via AppleInsider
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    1. Kotin6006's Avatar
      Kotin6006 -
      How have sports leagues not began incorporating something like this already? NFL players flip through hundreds of images during the game trying to get an advantage. Why not just have an iPad, or another device, instead of that booklet?
    1. Villebilly's Avatar
      Villebilly -
      In the NFL the league does not allow to view video during the game - hence why they flip thru still images.
    1. HeliPilot's Avatar
      HeliPilot -
      Anyone else see the obvious?
      The Portland Trailblazers are owned by Paul Allen. If you are not sure who he is Google him.
      To me this is just hilarious.