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  • Apple Spokesperson Confirms PrimeSense Acquisition

    An Apple spokesperson recently confirmed the rumor that the Cupertino California company has purchased the Israeli 3D sensor firm, PrimeSense, in a deal rumored to be worth roughly $360 million. The rumors originally asserted Apple’s interest in PrimeSense which first appeared in July, when it was reported that the two parties were in “advanced talks” over a possible takeover. The price at the time was mentioned to be roughly $280 million. Last week it was reported that Apple finalized the purchase details at a cost of $345 million, with the deal expected to be officially announced in the coming weeks.

    For those of you that didn’t know, PrimeSense creates sensors, specialized silicon and middle-ware for motion sensing and 3D scanning applications. Most notably, the company’s infrared motion tracking technology was also implemented in the development of Microsoft’s Kinect sensor, which is sold as an accessory for the Xbox 360. In addition to that, other PrimeSense tech is currently being used by Matterport’s full-color 3D scanner as well as iRobot’s Ava healthcare robot. In both cases, the firm’s sensors are utilized to create a visual model of its environment, to be used by hardware in unique ways like navigation and human interaction.

    Apple seems to be investing heavily into Israeli tech firms with PrimeSense being the company’s second acquisition, after the company purchased flash memory component maker Anobit in 2011 for $400 million. Following the buy, Apple expanded operations in the region by adding research and development centers in Ra’anana and Haifa.

    Source: Apple via AppleInsider
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    1. Michael O'Morah's Avatar
      Michael O'Morah -
      So I guess this means that Apple just made Xbox their Beatch! Ha!
    1. BUcLAo69's Avatar
      BUcLAo69 -
      Hahaha... Seems that way @Michael O'Morah
    1. slim.jim's Avatar
      slim.jim -
      Quote Originally Posted by Michael O'Morah View Post
      So I guess this means that Apple just made Xbox their Beatch! Ha!
      The development for the kinect sensor with the Xbox One was done in house for Microsoft.
    1. garfielgato2's Avatar
      garfielgato2 -
      For what purpose they want this technology? iTV?
    1. bPatrik's Avatar
      bPatrik -
      Quote Originally Posted by garfielgato2 View Post
      For what purpose they want this technology? iTV?
      may be. but i could imagine this technology in an iphone/ipad too
    1. REMED1AL's Avatar
      REMED1AL -
      Buying a tech with tons of future potential from 3D Printer, healthcare, phones and tablets that come with a host of patents sounds like a good buy to me.

      We'll see a sensor addition next to the camera for future Apple products and see multi-touch become multi-motion soon.
    1. slim.jim's Avatar
      slim.jim -
      It amazes me that companies with huge potential like this sell for $360mil but fads like SnapChat get offers for $3bil. And, the idiots turned that down.