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  • Apple Initiates Trade-in Program in India

    With trade-in programs all the rage across the mobile industry today, it comes as little surprise that Apple is moving forward with a broad trade-in program of its own inside one of the world's largest mobile populations.

    According to a report this morning from The Times of India, Apple is pulling out all the stops to drive adoption of the iPhone 5c, the company's "low cost" smartphone that has not proven to be the sales juggernaut Apple had expected.

    If Apple's track record is any indication, however, the more robust trade-in program has a solid shot at success.

    "Apple reportedly tripled its sales earlier this year when it launched the buyback offer for iPhone 4," today's report reads.

    Trade-in opportunities may just be the tip of the iceberg for Apple in India.

    One of the prospective ideas purportedly on the table is to introduce a try-and-buy offer, "wherein a buyer will be able to take home an iPhone model without actually purchasing it for a few days (As per the discussion, buyers will have to get the cost of the smartphone blocked via credit card, so that in case they do not return the handset after the trial period is over Apple does not lose money)."

    To read the full report and review a host of speculations surrounding Apple's plans for the Indian smartphone market, click here.

    Source: The Times of India
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      'Blocked' is confusing. Should utilize 'authorization' verbiage.