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  • AT&T May Not Sell The iPad

    Those who pre-ordered their iPad for the big April 3rd roll-out will likely receive a notification of their order status before the end of this week. And while hundreds of thousands of customers will either receive their tablet at home or pick it up at the nearest Apple store, it appears there's one location that won't be part of the iPad frenzy - your local AT&T store.

    Overall, it hasn't been a positive week for AT&T so far. First, as covered by MMI, it was reported that Apple will now make the iPhone available for purchase without a corresponding AT&T contract. Additionally, based on another "email from Steve Jobs," the iPad will be available for purchase exclusively at Apple retail and online stores and Best Buy. At this time, AT&T simply isn't part of the picture.

    The latest note from Steve Jobs (assuming, of course, that the messages are legit) tops off a flurry of terse email comments from the Apple chief in recent days. Jobs reportedly responded to an inquiry as to whether it's possible to get documents on the iPad via iWork.com with a simple "yes." Last night, the blogosphere lit up with reports of an email from Jobs telling one Apple customer "not to worry" in response to concerns about the enormous lag time between MacBook Pro updates.

    Although these scantly-worded emails from Jobs hardly suggest a talkative-turn for the mostly reclusive tech titan, it is clear that there is no shortage of hustle and bustle around Cupertino right now as the company prepares for the rush of a major product release and significant updates to other established and equally popular products. Overall, its a whole lot of activity that seems to have very little to do with AT&T.

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