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  • Apple's Support Site Now Supports Customer-initiated Screen Sharing

    Every once in a while, something may go wrong on your Mac that could cause you to contact Apple for help. Apple’s support, known as AppleCare, can be reached from the support section of Apple’s Web site. Here, you can seek help for any of your Apple devices that are covered by AppleCare, Mac or not.

    On Monday, Apple has rolled out a new feature to their support Web page allowing customers to initiate a screen sharing session of their Mac’s screen with the AppleCare representative that they’re in touch with. While moving through the steps for support, users will see the option shown above.

    If the user would like to share their screen with the AppleCare representative (this is a completely optional step), they can click on the “Yes I would like to share my screen and agree to the terms and conditions” button to initiate a file download that will allow the screen to be shared temporarily with the AppleCare representative.

    Notably, Apple will record the session for “quality purposes,” but for those tricky situations when you can’t really seem to get the representative to understand what’s going wrong, the new share screen feature will make it easier for them to actually see what’s going on and help diagnose the problem and suggest a solution.

    As 9to5Mac notes, AppleCare representatives have always had the capability to ask a customer if they wanted to share their screens, and then could direct the customer to a special link that would allow the screen sharing to take place. With Monday’s improvement to the Web site, the customer, and not the AppleCare representative, can now initiate the screen sharing, making it just that much easier for the customer.

    Sources: 9to5Mac
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    1. kosher1's Avatar
      kosher1 -
      Wooopeeeee! Big deal.
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      Umm..after seeing that Kindle Fire commercial, where you press the Support app and it launches live support, Apple still has a way to go. I would think the app would be native? Maybe in an updated OS..we shall see.