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  • Apple Playing Beat The Clock Ahead of iPad Launch

    According to a story in this morning's Wall Street Journal, Apple is playing beat the clock before the release of the iPad, which is now just days away (16 to be exact). In recent weeks we've covered the many media outlets - from the New York Times to the WSJ - that have ramped up efforts to introduce dedicated apps and iPad-customized material. So far the efforts have even included the removal of Flash content from parts of major websites in order to accommodate the iPad.

    But, as you may have noticed, while the interest among developers and major news outlets and publishers is substantial and will likely yield significant digital content offerings in the very near future, the iPad is now set for release without an immediate plethora of content. And it seems Apple is suddenly a bit concerned with what some are calling a "content shortfall."

    The last-minute discussions show the complexities that Apple and Chief Executive Steve Jobs are facing in creating a networked multimedia device, which has pushed the company to pare back some of its initial intentions for the iPad's release.
    The WSJ article suggests that one of the biggest sticking points for Apple and its potential networking partners is the ongoing negotiation with would-be partners to reduce the price of multimedia media content (like television programs) that can be downloaded and viewed on the iPad.

    Preliminary sales indicate a massive first wave of buying for the tablet. But with many more potential iPad buyers taking a wait and see approach to the tablet's arrival and the first round of customer reviews, Apple is presumably getting apprehensive about what some could perceive as a "lack of things to do" with the iPad until developers and other content providers sink their teeth into the tablet's revolutionary platform.

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