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  • Carmack Wants to Bring Rage to the iPhone/iPad

    Pioneering game developer John D. Carmack won his third lifetime achievement award at the Game Developer's Choice Awards in San Francisco, and gave an interview to Kotaku from the floor of Moscone Center. In the interview, he revealed that his company, id Software, "certainly are expecting to try" to bring the hotly-anticipated Rage title to the iPhone OS. He also said that despite his advocacy of iPhone gaming, Apple didn't send him a prerelease iPad.

    Carmack, who co-designed Doom and was lead designer of Wolfenstein 3D and the Quake series of games, is hard at work on id Tech 5, the latest generation of the venerable Doom engine. Rage will be the first title based on id Tech 5, with Doom 4 expected later this year. Rage is a post-apocalyptic game in the style of Mad Max, set in the near future following the impact of the asteroid 99942 Apophis, and combines a first-person shooter with a road racing game.

    Carmack is passionate about the iPhone, calling it a real game platform, not a tiny little toy. He has complained about "software inefficiencies" in the OS, though, saying that "in raw hardware horsepower, the iPhone should be better in performance than the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation Portable." He's met with Apple to try and explain how they could do things better, but it's not clear that they took the advice. They certainly did not show him their gratitude by giving him an iPad, but that's all air through the engine for Carmack.

    He personally brought the Doom Classic and Wolfenstein 3D Classic iPhone apps into existence, more or less working on them in his spare time, and says his dream is to spend a couple of months every year just coding iPhone games.

    Forget an iPad: Apple should be paying this guy.
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