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  • Germany Gets Unlocked iPhones with No Contract

    It's unlikely that many die-hard Apple fans will relocate to Germany on account of this... but some may consider it. Germany, it seems, is the place to be to effortlessly get your hands on a new iPhone 4 (or iPhone 3GS ) that's unlocked and without a contract. As of today, German iPhone customers have what many in the US have been clamoring for - the loss of carrier exclusivity and the arrival of unlocked iPhones readily available for purchase.

    In Germany, however, it is T-Mobile that is losing its exclusivity as O2 and Vodafone will now join the party and cater to current or prospective iPhone owners. The German version of Apple's online store now reflects the change and spotlights unlocked, no-strings attached iPhones (3GS and iPhone 4). According to Apple, the iPhone will work with "the wireless carrier of your choice."

    Although reports and rumors have lingered about carrier expansion in the US since AT&T was first announced as the exclusive carrier of the iPhone, there is still no concrete evidence to suggest the situation will change any time soon in the coming months. The appetite, however, for carrier expansion has never been greater. And for some, that strong demand is all the evidence they need to believe that carrier expansion will eventually happen.

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