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  • Haswell-Based MacBook Pros Expected to Start Shipping in September

    The much anticipated MacBook Pro refresh is rumored to be in production, setting the stage for a possible unveiling alongside new iPhones at Appleís September 10 media event. Taiwanese manufacturers have begun to ship components for new MacBook Pros based on Intelís fourth-generation Haswell processors to assembly plants according to a report by Hong Kong-based supply chain monitor, EMSOne.

    The new architecture which made its debut at WWDC 2013 in the MacBook Air is designed to take advantage of improvements in transistor manufacturing process to increase power efficiency and computational performance. Much like its predecessor, Ivy Bridge, Haswell chips are manufactured using a 22-nanometer process.

    Appleís 2013 MacBook Air showcased the substantial power savings that can be realized with the new architecture. Despite maintaining the same battery capacity as their 2012 counterparts, the 2013 Airs run significantly longer on a charge. To be more specific the 13-inch model gained five hours of battery life after the Haswell update while the 11-inch model gained four hours.

    Haswell-based MacBook Pros are expected to see similarly impressive gains in graphics performance. Current benchmarks have revealed that we can expect to see Intelís Iris Pro 5200 GPU, the chipmakerís top-of-the-line integrated graphics option that is intended to compete with discrete GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD, in the new models.

    The future of non-Retina and hard-disk based MacBook Pros currently remains unclear. Although Apple isnít expected to discontinue either model, the report doesnít specify which variants will benefit from the September refresh.

    Source: EMSOne
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