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  • iRealSMS Updated With New Designs, Improvements, and Bug Fixes

    The popular text messaging quick send and quick reply jailbreak tweak known as iRealSMS for jailbroken iOS devices by iOS developer SpiritOfLogic has received an update Thursday that adds some new design styles that users can take advantage of. The most notable being a new iOS 6 style and new iOS 7 style, shown above, but also added is a new Classic style. The backgrounds of these quick reply and quick send pop-ups are customizable as well.

    The iOS 6 design style takes design hints from iOS 6ís prevalent black and blue interfaces, while the iOS 7 design style takes hints from iOS 7ís flatter, whiter, and transparent blurred interfaces with thinner font. These design styles can be configured from the Settings tab of the iRealSMS application.

    iRealSMS also receives a number of new improvements in this update to make the user experience better. For example, users can now adjust the layout for contacts in the quick reply interface, double-tap on the return key to send a message, tap on banner notifications from within the Messages application to be brought to the corresponding conversation, and use the smileys and conversation history shortcuts when in quick reply or quick send view.

    The application also sees a number of bug fixes that will improve the applicationís reliability and user experience. Fixes have been implemented for problems such as:

    • An auto-rotation bug that could cause the app not to auto-rotate
    • An issue with searching through SMS messages not working
    • A problem that could cause keyboard unresponsiveness
    • A bug that could cause both quick reply and the main application to open at the same time
    • Some minor graphical problems on the iPhone 5
    • And more

    This iRealSMS update is a free upgrade for users that already own the tweak in Cydia. If you don't yet have iRealSMS and want some really cool quick reply and quick send functionality with several other features for messaging, then iRealSMS is something you will want to check out. It's available in Cydia's BigBoss repository for $12.99 with a free trial and is compatible with iOS 3.x through iOS 6.x.

    Later today, the price of iRealSMS will be $8.99 for a limited time and this sale will last for the next 7 days. The developer has contacted Saurik regarding the sale and he is just waiting for approval before it goes live.
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    1. wiipro's Avatar
      wiipro -
      FINNALLY! Hated the old UI
    1. edwilk55's Avatar
      edwilk55 -
      I refused to even give it a chance because the old UI was so ugly. BiteSMS is where it's been, but since I've purchased this, I'll give it a shout.
    1. kline1's Avatar
      kline1 -
      I dont see any updates in cydia. Anybody see it?
    1. onski's Avatar
      onski -
      I Just installed the update cause it free anyway, well its better than before but i would still prefer bitesms for its has more features like group contact pics, text forwarding, and theme customization (not just the quick reply/send layout). I do like the voice text option though but theres a separate app available for that anyway.
    1. roochops's Avatar
      roochops -
      I paid for BiteSMS and now im being asked to pay again. apparently my subscription ran out. you want ugly interface, try mine.....
    1. reznor9's Avatar
      reznor9 -
      Quote Originally Posted by wiipro View Post
      FINNALLY! Hated the old UI
      I never hated it but will admit that it had no real place in iOS6 or 5 for that matter so this update is long overdue.
      These new designs should fit right in with iOS6 and for people whom want a taste of what iOS7 might hold.
      For those using the iOS7 theme I would suggest also using BytaFont to change the keyboard font as it compliments the iOS7 quickreply very well.

    1. niklpl8dpokets's Avatar
      niklpl8dpokets -
      Quote Originally Posted by roochops View Post
      I paid for BiteSMS and now im being asked to pay again. apparently my subscription ran out. you want ugly interface, try mine.....
      bitesms will not make you pay again.. go to their website and talk to him.