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  • Apple Informs Consumers about Tax Holiday Savings in Ten States

    Apple appears to be taking advantage of the tax holidays by informing customers on how to save hundreds on their next Apple Store purchase in ten states in the union. A new page appeared recently on Apple’s website explaining how customers can take advantage of their state tax holiday period. The site lists ten states as participating in the holiday, each with a no-tax period falling early in August.

    The listed states are Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. The sales tax holiday for Alabama, Florida, Missouri, New Mexico, and North and South Carolina runs through August 2 through August 4. The sales tax holiday for the state of Tennessee runs from August 2 through August 5. Georgia’s sales tax covers August 8 and August 9 while Massachusetts’ holiday runs over August 10 and August 11.

    The different states have different cost thresholds which determine whether an item is sales tax exempt. For example in Alabama the total sales price for all exempt items cannot exceed $750 while in Georgia the limit is raised to $1,000 and in Louisiana it is $2,500.

    The state also places limits on what types of items can qualify. New Mexico for example limits the price for exempt computers at $1,000 while accessories can sell for no more than $500. South Carolina places no limit on the total purchase but computer, software, and accessory purchases must be made for personal use.

    Those of you who are interested in learning more can do so by checking out Apple’s site.

    Source: Apple
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      Haha.. Worried about you little tax.. try 13% tax on everything. Thank you Ontario and Canada government.
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      Well you have free health care don't you?
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      Quote Originally Posted by k1653d View Post
      Well you have free health care don't you?
      This is exactly what I was thinking.
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      you like free healthcare pay 13% tax on everything

      I like the free part. lol
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      LOL FREE health care.. you joking right.
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      GA is included... Yey!