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  • Apple Rocks iTunes Radio at WWDC 2013

    The analysts may have gotten the name wrong, but the talking heads got just about everything else right.

    iRadio was formally announced today but with the title of "iTunes Radio." Coming with iOS 7 and available as well for Mac, PC, and Apple TV users, the eagerly awaited and hotly anticipated new streaming music service was officially unveiled during this morning's WWDC 2013 kick-off.

    The ad-supported streaming Internet radio service arrives this fall.

    As expected, the service is free (which is possible through ad support), although if you're a paying iTunes Match subscriber, you can enjoy the new iTunes Radio service free of all ads.

    Demonstrating the service just minutes ago, Apple's Eddy Cue showed off how "smart" the new platform is, streaming music that is determined to be in line with the listener's tastes based on their known music preferences.

    The service can access the full and utterly robust iTunes catalog (26 million + tracks). We're told that Sony, Universal and Warner have already signed up to support the service, with more big labels and players in the music and entertainment industries likes to join the party soon.

    Source: Apple
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    1. Paulw2008's Avatar
      Paulw2008 -
      So will this be a paid service like spotify ?
    1. Retrolock's Avatar
      Retrolock -
      Quote Originally Posted by Paulw2008 View Post
      So will this be a paid service like spotify ?
      Ad-supported, which I think will be free. I wonder how Spotify will respond to this seeming threat.
    1. novadam's Avatar
      novadam -
      no. it's free. ad supported. iTunes Match subscribers get ad free version.
    1. ThuD Muffin's Avatar
      ThuD Muffin -
      Sweet! Love it that iTunes Match subscribers can get it Ad free
    1. Paulw2008's Avatar
      Paulw2008 -
      This could be pretty sick , tbh i love spotify , like some one said up there how will spotify react ?
    1. pottyvick's Avatar
      pottyvick -
      No, its free...
    1. lilrican21's Avatar
      lilrican21 -
      And soon there will be a hack to get rid of the ads just like pandora.
    1. sean637's Avatar
      sean637 -
      i hope it will be unlimited skip!
    1. JAE's Avatar
      JAE -
      Pandora killer?
    1. Paulw2008's Avatar
      Paulw2008 -
      Is pandora only available in the US ?
    1. Silverado1987's Avatar
      Silverado1987 -
      So would I be getting rid of iheartradio?
    1. filabeaner's Avatar
      filabeaner -
      I just hope that the cost of my iTunes Match renewal doesn't go up when they ad this feature.
    1. Shigoroku's Avatar
      Shigoroku -
      Quote Originally Posted by ThuD Muffin View Post
      Sweet! Love it that iTunes Match subscribers can get it Ad free
      YES! I love iTunes Match and I've been a paid subscriber since August last year. This is going to make the experience even more complete.