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  • GamePop Bringing iOS Games and Apps to the TV Screen

    BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma says its new GamePop console will deliver a unique experience that iOS ecosystem dwellers are sure to love.

    Sharma tells AllThingsD that the GamePop console will bring iOS apps and games straight to users' televisions, building upon the earlier announced plans to do the same with apps and games designed for Google's Android operating system. In what's being described as a "surprise move," the startup now confirms that its set-top box will indeed be capable of running games written for Apple phones and tablets.

    It’s doing that through a visualization process BlueStacks is calling LookingGlass.
    It goes without saying that there aren't many products on the market today that can make this claim. But the company asserts that devs are already digging the idea.

    “Developers really like this because it gives them another way to monetize,” Sharma said, adding that it remains unclear if Apple will take a dim view of what the company is trying to accomplish.

    In the big picture, it doesn't look like there will be any sticky issues, especially since BlueStacks was "careful not to use any Apple code."

    The console is expected to be released before the close of 2013 and the corresponding service will run $6.99 per month.

    Source: AllThingsD
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    1. thefinalhack's Avatar
      thefinalhack -
      So has iOS emulation become reality or what?
    1. zrevai's Avatar
      zrevai -
      It's using a Visualization Rendering Method. So it's just interpreting the .nib files of the UI into a visual representative of its iOS look. How it brings the code behind the UI in and executes it based on interaction with the UI is a good question but the UI is spelled out in the XML of the .nib file.