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  • Gazelle's Statistics Point towards a 171% Spike in MacBook Trade-Ins Ahead of WWDC

    With Apple rumored to announce a refreshed MacBook lineup at its Worldwide Developers Conference next week, Gazelle recently said its website has seen a substantial increase in traffic. MacBook trade-ins have jumped roughly 171% compared to the period leading up to WWDC 2012 (last year). According to Gazelle’s most recent statistics, trade volume of various Apple MacBook models have steadily risen since March but the past week saw an unusually sharp jump possibly related to rumors surrounding the announcement of a refreshed laptop lineup. The company said the following regarding the matter:

    Gazelle saw a 35% week-over-week jump in laptops traded in. When compared to the same week before WWDC last year, this represents a 171% increase in MacBook trades, which can be most likely attributed to consumer anticipation of a new fleet of MacBooks next week at WWDC.
    Currently, the most popular product on Gazelle is the MacBook Pro, which accounted for 57% of all laptop trade-ins over the past week. For example, Gazelle is currently offering $1,689 for a MacBook Pro in good condition while a MacBook Air will net up to $893. Legacy MacBook models can also fetch up to $251.

    As part of its mission to offer a “crazy awesome” customer experience, Gazelle pays out cash for each trade and offers a 30-day price guarantee. This means customers can lock in a price for their MacBook now and if new laptops are introduced at WWDC next week, still have three weeks to ship their old laptops to Gazelle. Much like any other supply and demand markets, Gazelle’s trade-in prices will decrease as more people sell off their old computers.

    Apple may also begin its own in-house trade-in program for iPhones according to a recent report. Gazelle sees this move as validation of its own business model. The company CEO, Israel Ganot said the following regarding the matter:

    We applaud the move because Apple's participation will likely accelerate consumer adoption of device trade-ins. And though there is room for many winners in what we see as a huge market, our approach is different. Gazelle is focused on offering the best online trade-in experience for those consumers who want to do so online and after they have bought a new device, and it appears that Apple will focus on in-store trade-ins at the time of a new purchase.
    Are any of you trying to sell off your MacBook ahead of WWDC?

    Source: Gazelle
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