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  • Foxconn and LG Partner with Mozilla, Firefox OS to possibly be shown off Next Week

    Major Android and Apple suppliers are beginning to look elsewhere in order to pull away from the iOS and Android duopoly. Beyond Foxconn diversifying its business in light of declining Apple profits, the Apple supplier is also teaming up with Mozilla to produce a device that runs the Firefox OS according to Focus Taiwan.

    The two companies will reportedly announce their new partnership on June 3, at which point they’ll also be showing off a device running Firefox OS, a Mozilla-built operating system with HTML 5 at its core. The Foxconn Mozilla based device is said to be a tablet at the moment. In the Firefox OS alliance, Foxconn would be in the company of a number of carriers and manufacturers that are supporting the HTML 5-based platform. Another manufacturer, South Korea’s LG, is also preparing to release device running Firefox OS and other alternative operating systems. Similar to the way Foxconn is looking to reduce its dependence on Apple; LG is looking to lessen its own dependence on Google’s Android. According to LG Mobile Vice President, Wong Kim:

    The current duopoly of Google and Apple is not healthy for the market.
    LG’s smartphones run Google’s Android operating system but the company continues to struggle to step out of Samsung’s shadow, which sells the most smartphones worldwide and is second only to Apple in terms of profitability in the market. LG also bought WebOS, formerly the operating system powering Palm’s devices, from HP earlier this year, but the system will likely go toward powering LG’s smart HDTV sets instead.

    Although the smartphone segment was once dominated by companies such as Nokia and RIM (now BlackBerry), the emergence of Apple’s iOS and later, Google’s Android, largely relegated competitors to second-tier status. Both of them combined account for more than 90% of all smartphones shipped worldwide. When taking a look at the industry’s profits, the two companies together account for 100% of the industry’s profits after taking into the account the losses of their competitors’ mobile businesses.

    This upcoming year we’ll likely see a release of a number of alternative operating systems in addition to the Firefox OS. The platform is targeted at developing nations at the moment but it will compete with phones running Samsung’s Tizen, Ubuntu for Phones, and Jolla, developed by former employees of Nokia.

    Are any of you looking forward to additional operating systems or do you think it is a waste?

    Source: Focus Taiwan via Engadget
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    1. law111's Avatar
      law111 -
      Personally I think this is great, this is how competition works, this is how innovation works. These other tech companies feel challenged and now they have to think, they have to create something new and something no one has seen yet, to innovate.
    1. PokemonDesigner's Avatar
      PokemonDesigner -
      I think this is wonderful. maybe it'll encourage apple to finally be innovative again. but if it is good enough I might even consider switching to it. I love Firefox so a good phone running it would be awesome in my opinion.