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  • Microsoft Steps Up PR Push for Windows Phone 7

    Some of the biggest battles ahead in the smartphone space could very well take place between the iPhone and the upcoming Windows Phone 7.

    Late last week, Microsoft unveiled what's being called the first official taste of the soon-to-be released Windows-based smartphone. For now, the ad in question hasn't been broadcast on television, but rather it has turned up on the official Windows Phone UK YouTube channel. At first, however, few thought the ad was really created by Microsoft, given its less than high-budget look and feel.

    The video, posted above, was obviously inspired by the famous opening sequence of the classic film "Lawrence of Arabia." The ad first appeared on London on Friday during a "secret-cinema" event. But while the teaser ad has proven intriguing to some, others - more sophisticated smartphone aficionados - are miffed that the spot doesn't really say anything about the actual device - it's attributes and strengths relative to similar devices.

    Then again, sometimes style prevails over substance in the mobile world, at least in terms of effective advertising. And although Apple knows a thing or two about hyping its products, Microsoft isn't about to go quietly into the night with the launch of Windows Phone 7. With it's release rapidly approaching, there are reports indicating that Microsoft may spend upwards of one-half billion on marketing efforts for the new handset alone.

    Business Insider
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