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  • Apple Surges into Second in India's Smartphone Showdown

    As MMi reported at the close of 2012, Apple is now authorizing the use of payment plans to help prospective iPhone buyers more easily secure the popular smartphone inside of India, one of the largest emerging markets for mobile in the world.

    Just last month, IDC confirmed that iPhone sales in India have climbed three-fold in the last quarter. And this week, we're seeing more fruits of Apple's labor in India. CNN reports that the Apple has jumped to become India's second largest smartphone supplier. It's a reality made possible, in part, by Apple's embrace of payment plans and partnerships with mom-and-pop shops across the nation.

    "In Q4, Apple has turned out to be the number two player in India. And this means that they have done a significant shift in their positioning," explains Venu Reddy, research director at IDC. Samsung, however, still retains the top spot in India for now.

    Apple's success has been attributed to its ability to adapt to India's smartphone distribution market, where most electronics are sold through small, family-owned shops. Mobile phones in India are not subsidized by telecom operators, unlike other parts of the world.
    During a recent earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook said: "I love India... We have a business there; that business is growing."

    He wasn't kidding.

    Source: CNN
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      India is the biggest growing market for anything in the world.