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  • Google Surpasses Apple as Top U.S. Mutual Fund Holding

    According to a new Citigroup report which examined investments at the end of the fourth quarter, shares of the internet search giant, Google, recently passed Apple to become the most-owned stock by the 50 largest actively managed mutual funds in the U.S. Information compiled by Bloomberg finds that Google shares are now trading at roughly 25 times the company’s profits, compared to less than 10 times earnings for Apple. It was noted that the gap is the widest it’s been since June of 2005.

    As of right now, the prevailing attitude among analysts appears to be that the Cupertino California company’s earnings are slowing in the face of heightened competition and perceived saturation of the premium smartphone market. Investors seem to be waiting to see whether Apple can open new avenues for revenue, potentially with new products such as an iWatch or Apple television set.

    Google on the other hand is seen to have more room for growth in not only the Internet search where it currently holds a dominating 67% market share but also in smartphone software. With a 70% share of the smartphone market, Android continually pumps money into Google’s coffers through search engine traffic, ads and royalties on apps. As of last night, Google closed up $1.22 at $832.60, while Apple also gained a $4.92 increase to close at $430.58.

    Source: Bloomberg
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