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  • Disney Releases New iOS Game Called "Toy Story: Smash It!"

    Disney is known for providing good, down to the core entertainment. They have a variety of applications in the App Store, and today, Disney is launching another game called Toy Story: Smash It!

    In the game, your job is to ‘help Buzz save the day’ as you conquer the set challenges. The game is a 3-D physics puzzle game, and you can play as Toy Story characters, such as Buzz and Woody, and unlock more characters as you play.

    In the game you will throw bouncing balls at the target, which you will try to knock down. The targets are the aliens and it’s your job to break through their defenses. The bouncing balls will have special power-ups that you can use to your advantage.

    The game includes 60 different levels, broken into 4 different episodes. This is plenty to get you started, and more levels should be added in the future to keep you playing. While playing, you can earn achievements and try to re-play levels to beat your previous scores.

    Toy Story: Smash It! can be downloaded from the App Store right now for 99¢ and it is a universal application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. To download the new game, you can follow this link.

    Sources: App Store via iClarified
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    1. Airwaves182's Avatar
      Airwaves182 -
      Just bought it! Really fun better then angry birds!