Known online as SnowLeo, I have been a member of the theming and jailbreak community ever since I got the first gen ipod touch when it came out. I have been an active member of ModMyi and worked on many theme mods as well as an iPad theme leading to the point where I decided to make my own theme. This theme is iSTS, in which I spent months and hours on end working on only the highest possible quality graphics. Together with Them3this, Schnedi, Altoiddealer, and Gan-man we took the graphics that I spent so long on and created a Dreamboard theme with working widgets, animations, and features like rotated icons, rotation, and a circle launcher that has never before been possible on the iphone. We also just made a winterboard version and continue to issue updates and improve the theme with new features and revamped graphics and we already created a full high quality winterboard UI.

I have always been obcessed with aesthetics and have never been satisfied with the bland default aqua UI that is the antiquated default of iOS. I have been using themes and modifying all my iOS devices since day one but realized that if I wanted the graphics done right and exactly how I wanted it I would have to do it myself. Also I love the ModMyi community and themers who have always been very helpful to me so I decided to make awesome high quality themes for myself and for the community. I always work with the community and encourage mods and give resources to the community for my themes. I wish to continue making only the best themes available with the best graphics to free us from the ugly and functionless default iOS UI.