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  1. Thanks for the response Orby,you make it sound so simple but just to clarify ? I open iTunes,put the phone into DFU mode,I just now realized there is a difference between Pwned DFU Mode and just plain DFU, do I then hit the restore tab in iTunes to restore back to the original default settings of the iPhone ? it warns me that it will restore the phone but will also install the latest firmware version, is that what I want ? what about holding the shift key while restoring from iTunes ? I have downloaded Redsn0w 0.915b3 then once I open Redsn0w do I just jailbreak or select Extra ? and point it towards the custom 5.0.1 IPSW that Redsn0w will create ?I am just guessing that Redsn0w will then do it's thing and install 5.0.1 ? sorrry for the confusion Orby but unless it's step by step I have trouble wading into this stuff
    If I have 5.1.1 shsh blobs saved to my 3GS in Cydia can I update to that ?
    Thanks for your patience Orby.
  2. Hi Orby:
    Me again the 72 year old nerd,I have recieved a iPhone 4 16g from a friend of mine who has got totally frustrated with the unlocking and locking of this phone,he is not concerned about jailbeaks and has bought a new iPhone 5, the iPhone 4 that he gave me is of course jailbrocken because the outfit that unlocked it for him has obviously had to jailbreak it,my question is can I do anything with it to get the ios up from 4.2.1 to some current untethered ios which will allow me to install more current apps, it has 5.0.1 and 6.0.1 shsh on cydia, the firmware is 03.10.01-ice_2_8,and it is currently locked,when it first fires up I get this message, "GEVEY ULTRA Utether Add to Cydias source and install furiousMode.deb.for step-by-step instructions visit GEVEY.COM" it then has a option to Cancel or Accept ? .any suggestions would be appreciated Orby ?
    Thank You
  3. Hi Orby:
    OK let me digest this a bit, I most definitely have iBoot-359.3.2, is having this bootrom good or bad ? in my case you suggest to build a IPSW for a NEW bootrom devices,so I am guessing I still use sn0wbreeze to do this and when a bootrom option is offered I guess I select "NEW bootrom" guessing it will build a new IPSW which will then change my old bootrom ? and while jumping through the sn0wbreeze instructions I will point to this newly created IPSW when asked to do so for the upgrade is that right ?
    So now that I have you just as totally confused as I am maybe a new step by step procedure may be helpfull.
    I have been trying to attach a image showing my iboot-359.3.2 while in DFU mode, I have it saved but cannot attach it ? it keeps asking "Add an Image from Url" it is saved to my hard drive in .png format but I cant figure how to attach it.
    I have the original sim card that came with the phone from a Telus kiosk.

    Thanks Orby
  4. Hi Orby: Your probably saying "o no" not him again ? I used your services back in Oct of 2011 to upgrade my iPhone 3GS to firmware 4.3.3 (8J2) with a baseband of 05.13.04_6.4M352, with iTunes version10.5.0.142, is it possible for me to upgrade to untethered 5.0 ? TU says that I have saved SHSHs from 4.0 (8A293) to 4.3.5 (8L1) ?
    yet my SHSH: IOS on the Cydia home screen shows from 4.0, all the way to 5.0.1, Please let me know if it is possible, and if so is it worth the hassle.
    Thank You
  5. Hi Orby:
    Just want to thank you for your patience and guidance during my updating process on my 3GS,I had very limited knowledge in regards to this process,the knowledge that I gained is old hat to you guy's but a huge learning curve for me,one last question before I let you go what is the highest upgrading that I am able to achieve with this phone, and would it be worth any further upgrading ?
    Thanks Orby
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